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phonetic map : (十+戈) zai

Posted by goulnik December 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.


* zài to transport; record; publish
下载 xiàzài to download
连载 liánzǎi to publish in installments
zái (栽字头) **
* zǎi year; to write down
半载 bànzǎi six months; half a year
记载 jìzǎi record; account
zāi to plant; grow; raise; fall; frame (sb.)
栽培 zāipéi to cultivate; educate
栽倒 zāidǎo r.v. fall down
盆栽 pénzāi bonsai / to grow in a pot
诬栽 wūzāi to frame sb.
zāi (particle)
哀哉 āizāi alas!
怪哉 guàizāi Strange!; How strange!
dài to wear; put on
穿戴 chuān-dài to be dressed
爱戴 àidài to love and respect
cái to cut; reduce; judge; decide
裁减 cáijiǎn to trim; cut down
裁革 cáigé to cut down; abolish
裁判 cáipàn judgment; judge
jié to cut off; sever; stop; check
剪截 jiǎnjié to cut
截面 jiémiàn (cross-)section
截断 jiéduàn block; interrupt; separate
tiě iron; weapon; determined; cruel; tight **

** 栽字头 : component only, from 才 (cái) abbreviated to 十, and 戈
** 鐵 has been simplified to 铁, see 失 (shi) map

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