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Posted by light487 December 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hey all!

JohnP (creator of Sinosplice and host on ChinesePOD) mentioned this site a little while ago in one of his blog posts. It is a great site that I have been using over the last week to learn, practise and reinforce my Chinese character skills.

It is currently in the beta stages of development, which also means that it is currently free to use!! :) You can try it out without creating an account but if you do create an account, you can select your vocab list to learn from and also track your progress on a daily basis.

I could try to explain how easy it is to use and do an indepth review of the site but it's easier just for you to go and check it out yourselves. Trust me.. it's really, really good for all levels of learning. The vocab list I am using at the moment is called "integrated chinese", which is all commonly used characters and words. It also has the HSK Level 1 vocab list loaded on there as well.

A good thing about it is that it also allows you to learn the tones for the characters at the same time, and you can even listen to samples of how each character is spoken. I hope that one day ChinesePOD will incorporate a tool like this into their own site. Until then however...


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