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Interfere in a physical altercation?

Posted by billybobjoebobwilly June 25, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Well, I got on the bus today as I often do and as I was getting on I heard an argument between two older women and a young man.  They were talking in Shanghai dialect so I couldn't quite understand what was going on..  It seems the young man did something when he passed the women and they were complaining about it (my guess from the way the women were pointing at their legs or feet).  Anyway, the argument got hot and the women started called the boy some nasty name (I think it was 250 in Shanghai Hua), 250 is something bad to say to someone.  So, the young man (maybe about 20 years old) hauled off and with all his force kicked this rather frail looking old woman in the chest.  I was shocked at both the strength he kicked her (full force front kick with the bottom of the foot) and how well she stood up against it.  Pretty tough old bird.  
But what also caught my interest is no one on the bus, male or female tried to stop this young man from attacking the women physically.
Question.  Has anyone else experienced this in China and would you get in the middle of this (as a LaoWai)?  Perhaps this might make a good topic for an advanced lesson.

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