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phonetic map : 委 wei

Posted by goulnik December 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 委

wēi .
委蛇 wēiyí pretending interest and sympathy
wěi to entrust; designate; discard; accumulate; committee / really
委托 wěituō to entrust; commission
委弃 wěiqì to discard; abandon
委积 wěijī to gather; pile/build up
委员 wěiyuán committee member
委实 wěishí really; indeed
Wèi (name of several dynasties)
* wěi to wither; shrivel; atrophy
气萎 qìwěi to be discouraged; lose heart
萎陷 wěixiàn to collapse
wěi atrophy of body part or function
痿痹 wěibì paralysis
诿 wěi to blame; shift responsibility to others
诿卸 wěixiè to shirk (responsibility)
诿言 wěiyán prevarication
* wēi to decline; wane; languish
女萎 nǚwēi clematis
* wēi .
倭迟 wēichí winding; circuitous; meandering
wēi .
逶迤 wēiyí winding; meandering; distant
逶随 wēisuí winding (road); leisurely
* pumpkin / old name for Japan
倭瓜 wōguā pumpkin; cushaw
倭寇 Wōkòu Japanese pirates
婑媠 wǒtuǒ beautiful; pretty
ǎi short (of stature); low
高矮 gāo'ǎi height

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