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Let's Make the Grammar Guide Wiki Based!

Posted by glosoli December 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Today, while studying for the HSK, I was thinking that a good way to memorize the numerous Chinese grammar rules would be to create a notebook of them.  Writing things down always helps me to retain knowledge.  While I'm sure such a task would help me get a firmer understanding of Chinese grammar I'm not writing a book on grammar so such a large task seems a little much. 

But then it hit me: why doesn't Cpod turn its Grammar guide into a wiki based resource?  I mean, no offense to the Cpod team, the guide hasn't done much since it began (which was a slow process to begin with).  No doubt you all have a lot on your plate and that's why the grammar guide hasn't progressed that fast.  So why not let the Cpod community pick up the slack?

While the Cpod staff would probably have to give some structure to the guide, maybe making pages for items that should be included and such, but the bulk could be written by the community.  Grammar explanations and examples would blossom on Cpod if given a chance to grow, which would in turn help make the guide a usable resource for more advanced learners.  No doubt if the grammar guide was made more wiki based then its development would be much faster than if it was merely the Cpod staff writing it.  While the Cpod site is very user oriented I still feel that there is room to grow with user based content.  The grammar guide would be an excellent place to try such ideas.

What do you think?



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