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phonetic map : 臽 xian

Posted by goulnik December 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 臽

xiàn to fall into; get stuck; cave in / pitfall; trap; defect
塌陷 tāxiàn sink; cave in
陷入 xiànrù to get bogged down in
缺陷 quēxiàn flaw; shortcoming
xiàn (old form of 陷)
xiàn filling; stuffing
饼馅 bǐngxiàn pie filling
夹馅 jiāxiàn stuffed (pastry/etc.)
yàn flame
火焰 huǒyàn flame
焰火 yànhuǒ fireworks
炎焰 yányàn n. flame; fire
yàn (same as 焰)
yán (surname)
阎罗 Yánluó Yama, King of Hell
阎王 Yánwang ∼; tyrant
欿 kǎn dissatisfied; unhappy
欿然 kǎnrán dissatisfied; discontented
dàn .
坎窞 kǎndàn cellar; underground vault
dàn .
菡萏 hàndàn lotus
chǎn to flatter
谄谀 chǎnyú ∼ / servility
谄笑 chǎnxiào to smile ingratiatingly
qiā to pinch; clutch; strangle; fight
掐弄 qiānong to pinch every penny
掐住 qiāzhù to seize; grasp; hold
掐把 qiābǎ to hold fast; treat harshly

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