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Hair styles of the absolutely fabulous (or "Yikes, what did you do to your head?!?!"

Posted by pretzellogic December 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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ok, I usually don't ask such questions in this type of forum, but here goes....

Has any cpodder seen an African or African-American in any of these hair salons? would any cpodder recommend/suggest a good barber/stylist anywhere in China for a black person?  As an African-American, I've seen zillions of hair salons, at least in Lanzhou where I used to live.  But since there were few black people in Lanzhou, I never saw any black guys getting haircuts.  I'm wondering what Chinese barber/hair stylist might have done to my head, had I been brave enough (or drunk enough) to let one experiment on me.  Or would it have been an experiment?  Maybe in Beijing or Shanghai, there's one place where all the black people are getting their hair styled/trimmed/shaved/braided, and it's being done by the Chinese employee at the Kenyan embassy or something that was familar with how to deal effectively with a black person's hair.  Maybe that Chinese person would have been skilled enough to braid Carmelo Anthony's hair when he wasn't playing basketball during the Olympics. Maybe i'm just paranoid.  Thoughts? You didn't even think this was an issue?

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