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phonetic map : 昔 xi

Posted by goulnik December 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 昔

b.f. former times; the past
昔日 xīrì former days/times
往昔 wǎngxī in former days
to cherish; value highly; spare; grudge; stint; feel sorry for sb.
爱惜 àixī to cherish; treasure
不惜 bùxī not hesitate (to do sth.)
可惜 kěxī unfortunately; it's a pity!
痛惜 tòngxī to deeply regret; deplore
jiè to borrow; lend; take advantage of; use as a pretext / if
借词 jiècí loan word
假借 jiǎjiè to make use of
借题 jiètí to use as a pretext
借如 jièrúin case; if; supposing
cuò be interlocked; miss / wrong; complex
交错 jiāocuò to interlock; crisscross
错过 cuòguò to miss; let slip
错误 cuòwù mistake
错综 cuòzōng intricate; complex
cuò to arrange
措施 cuòshī measure, step
失措 shīcuò to be disconcerted; lose one's head
cuò to put in place; place in a coffin
安厝 āncuò to place a coffin before burial
vinegar; jealousy
吃醋 chīcù to be jealous (in love)
wax; candle; polish / yellowish
发蜡 fàlà pomade
蜡烛 làzhú candle
蜡黄 làhuáng wax yellow; waxen
solar year-end sacrifice; 12th lunar month; cured
腊肠 làcháng sausage
腊月 làyuè 12th lunar month/moon
腊肉 làròu cured meat; bacon **
liè to hunt; chase
打猎 dǎliè to. hunt
猎人 lièrén hunter
猎狗 liègǒu hunting dog; hound
què. magpie
喜鵲 xǐque magpie
鹊䴗 quèjú magpie shrike
zhuó to hack (with an axe/sword) **
斫足 zhuózú to cut off one's feet as punishment
踖踖 qìqì with reverence
踧踖 cùjí reverent and nervous

** 腊肉 fish/meat/etc., usu. prepared in 12th moon
** 斮 is also written 斫

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