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Better/More Lesson Management Tools

Posted by lechuan December 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

One of the reasons that I do lessons sequentially is that I can't see an easy way to quickly scan studied and unstudied lessons. Here are a few suggestions that would make it easier for users to manage their lessons (and thus more practical to do lessons out of order):

1) Have a checkbox at the Top of the "Lessons" screen: "Hide Studied Lessons". This would make it really easy to filter out the lessons that you've already listened when scanning through the list for new ones.

2) Have a "Compact" view for the lesson listings that briefly list: Title, Level, download links, Studied, Bookmarked, etc. This "compact" view would make lesson management a lot easier.

Amazon.com has a very good example if you go look have a "wish list" there. Switch the view from "normal" to "compact" and you will see how much more information can fit into the page. It also is an excellent example of how to display a lot of info in a small footprint (Not saying that I don't like the "normal" view, I do like it, but would like a compact option as well.)

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