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"He"...can you use it? What time?

Posted by Lantian June 26, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I find it interesting the distinction between basic, intermediate and advanced. I really think that frequency of use of words might be a good metric. Lower frequency words add interest and variety to speech.

I have no trouble expressing 'time' in Chinese,





But the other day a friend of mine texted this to me, and I thought..how interesting. I understood everything, except for one character, although this didn't prevent me from understanding. It's the ‘何’ hanzi, he2.

It's like not a verb, adjective, and (to me) shows up in weird places in sentences.

明天去北京  不知 何时回。

I thought maybe some other' would find this intersting, maybe some Cpodders who are familiar with it could talk with me about it a bit.

Look forward to an upcoming lesson on it. Is it in any lessons?

(When will we be able to search by hanzi? 'he' has too many sound-a-likes to make the English search results useful. 


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