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phonetic map : 或 huo

Posted by goulnik December 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 或

huò adv. perhaps; maybe; probably / or
或者 huòzhě perhaps; maybe
或然 huòrán probable
或则 huòzé or; either or
huò to confuse; mislead; doubt; suspect
迷惑 míhuo to puzzle; confuse; baffle
疑惑 yíhuò be perplexed / doubt
guó * country; state; nation(al); Chinese **
guó to cut off an enemy's left ear
俘馘 fúguó defeated enemies
斩馘 zhǎnguó to cut off an enemy's left ear
* guó variant of 馘
threshold; boundary; limit
听阈 tīngyù auditory threshold
痛阈 tòngyù threshold of pain
鬼蜮 guǐyù evil spirit; treacherous person
domain; region; area
领域 lǐngyù domain; realm; field
区域 qūyù region; zone; district; area

** 國 is simplified to 国, see 国 map

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