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phonetic map : 孚 fu

Posted by goulnik December 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 孚

floating; unstable; provisional; inflated
浮动 fúdòng to float; drift; fluctuate
心浮 xīnfú to be impatient; unstable
浮报 fúbào to report inflated figures
浮记 fújì to keep a temporary account
to inspire confidence
名孚众望 míngfúzhòngwàng to enjoy high popular respect
中孚 zhōngfú 61st hexagram (易经)
to capture; take prisoner / captive
俘虏 fúlǔ
被俘 bèifú to be taken prisoner
俘囚 fúqiú prisoner of war
to hatch; brood; incubate
孵蛋 fūdàn to lay eggs
small boat; secondary beam
栋桴 dòngfú ridgepole
* reed membrane
葭莩 jiāfú a tenuous relationship
蜉蝣 fúyóu mayfly
蚍蜉 pífú ant
outer city wall
郛郭 fúguō booming suburbs; shelter
breast; milk; milk-like; newborn; suckling
哺乳 bǔrǔ to breast feed; suckle
乳牛 rǔniú dairy cow
豆乳 dòurǔ soybean milk; fermented beancurd
piǎo . **
饿殍 èpiǎo corpse of sb. starved
pāo .
尿脬 suīpao urinary bladder (animal's)

** 殍 also written 莩

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