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If you're lesbian, you can find a lot of friends for the lesbian Website in china.

Posted by bestgirl December 22, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I enjoy  staying in http://lalachat.15880.com and chatting with the lesbian friends.  It isn't a fault.It depends on each.I met Winnie first also there at about June 2005 when Winnie turned back from Auckland just before.I saw a name of shanghai36.Nothing wired.It is the non-strange that came alone with a short story.At the end of the talk Winnie told me she just came back from Newzerland.It really attracted me since I had opened my eyes outside to find useful information abroad to broaden my visions.I asked her talking in English.I even can't express myself clearly at that time.Winnie rhetorically questioned me"why not?" To me ,a poor English guy, it was really really lovely. Winnie left me a suspension that she seemed to be a pilot. I don't think I got a fault. She clearly told me yes when I asked her if she was a pilot.So it surprised me again,ha ,a female pilot, a one who not only drives auto but airoplane.It was the first impression of Winnie.Beside the surprise, I left my mobile to Winnie.The next morning her call came.

If you're lesbian, you can find a lot of friends for the lesbian Website(http://www.15880.com) in china.

In the talk I knew that she just came back outside and brought a business about large amount of loan.Actually at that time  the most challangable is to find a good job.I realized about that after I met her first. I am in nature good at apprasing others.So I appraised that she got a rapid action in such a short time.

To be continued...

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