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phonetic map : 每 mei

Posted by goulnik December 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 每

méi plum
梅花 plum blossom
梅花 méihuā plum blossom; clubs (cards)
杨梅 yángméi red bayberry; arbutus
měi every; each / often; whenever
每每 měiměi often; invariably
每处 měi chù everywhere
每当 měidāng whenever; every time
méi mold; mildew
倒霉 dǎoméi be out of luck
黑霉 hēiméi lichen; black mould
méi n. certain kinds of berries
草莓 cǎoméi strawberry
黑莓 hēiméi blackberry
蓝莓 lánméi blueberry
méi enzyme; ferment
发酶 fāméi to ferment
酶菌 méijūn ferment
蛋白酶 dànbáiméi prote(in)ase
mǐn sharp; quick; perceptive
敏捷 mǐnjié s.v. quick; nimble; agile
敏感 mǐngǎn sensitive; susceptible; allergic
敏锐 mǐnruì s.v. sharp; acute; keen
灵敏 língmǐn sensitive; keen; acute
hāi heave ho!
嗨哟 hāiyō
嗨呀 hāiyā
hǎi sea; big lake; great capacity; plenty / to magnify **
海洋 hǎiyáng ocean
外海 wàihǎi open sea
入海口 rùhǎikǒu estuary
人海 rénhǎi a sea of people
海量 hǎiliàng magnanimity; great capacity for liquor
huì last day of the lunar month / dark night; obscure; unlucky
晦明 huìmíng night and day
晦暝 huìmíng dark and gloomy
晦气 huìqì unlucky
huǐ to regret; repent
后悔 hòuhuǐ
悔恨 huǐhèn to regret deeply
翻悔 fānhuǐ to back out of (promise/etc.)
huì to teach; instruct
教诲 jiàohuì ∼ / teaching; instruction
劝诲 quànhuì to advise; exhort
to insult; bully
侮辱 wǔrǔ to insult; humiliate
欺侮 qīwǔ to bully; humiliate
侮骂 wǔmà to insult and abuse

** the ancient sounds of 每 and 海 were similar

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