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phonetic map : 欣 xin

Posted by goulnik December 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 欣

xīn happy; joyful
欣赏 xīnshǎng to appreciate; enjoy; admire
欢欣 huānxīn elated
欣闻 xīnwén delighted to learn that...
xìn burnt; inflamed and swollen
焮天 xìntiān fiercely burning
焮肿 xìnzhǒng skin swelling/inflammation
xiān to lift (a cover/etc.); surge
掀到 xiāndào to overthrow
掀动 xiāndòng to start; set in motion; launch
掀肿 xiānzhǒng a swelling
xiān shovel
铁锨 tiěxiān shovel; spade

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