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Posted by goulnik December 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Posted here in response to a CPod message, as I can't reply directly, apologies.

This group has been inactive for a long time.

When I started it, my idea was to publish the whole graphic novel, and possibly another one of the same author later. I wasn't going to do this without permission, even if I was translating the captions into English myself. It took the (French) publisher a while to answer that he couldn't grant it to me, I would have to ask the author's daughter. But I was dragged into other things and never got around to doing it, and it looks like my plate is full for the next 12 months with character maps, news, a few cancer stories...

I think there would be interest in a general graphic novel group for recommendations, discussions etc., I am quite willing to extend the scope of this group and share it. I'm not in a position to feed the group regularly as it stands. But if we did extend / modify it, I could occasionaly contribute one page or drawing from that story, another from the same author, or others still. I have a stack I bought in Shanghai a year ago, 《不喜晕》、《不露怯!》、Tang's story 《口袋巧克力》、《一个人住第5年》、《150cm Life》 (①②③) and 10 volumes of The Legend of Nezha from CCTV series《小英雄哪吒》   I hardly ever looked at them, in fact if anyone is interested...

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