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phonetic map : 斥 chi

Posted by goulnik December 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 斥

chì to scold; reprimand repel; exclude; oust
斥责 chìzé to reprimand; denounce
斥退 chìtuì to dismiss sb. from post/school
* chāi to tear open; take apart; pull down; dismantle
拆除 chāichú to tear down; demolish; remove
拆掉 chāidiào to take/tear down
* to excrete
拆烂污 cā lànwū to act carelessly; do sloppy work; fail to keep a promise/appointment
chè to split open; crack
龟坼 guīchè cracks in the soil due to drought
to tell; relate; inform; complain; accuse; sue; appeal
告诉 gàosu to tell; inform; file a complaint
起诉 qǐsù to sue
上诉 shàngsù to appeal (to a higher court)
tuò watchman's clapper
击柝 jītuò to beat the watches
金柝 jīntuò night watchman's bell
tuò .
跅弛 tuòchí unconventional and unrestrained

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