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Posted by andrew_c December 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .


One of my goals in sharing WLCP with the community was that it would become popular enough that ChinesePod would more strongly consider adding its features to the website, in comparison to if I just asked for these features myself. I consider the integration of these features to the website to be very important for a few reasons:

  1. For many of us, WLCP make learning from this website much more effective: More accessible review material, Bopomofo, PlecoDict Export, Character annotation, better Traditional Character Support, Customized Document Formatting.  I suspect that many ChinesePod users would greatly benefit from these features, but are simply unaware of their availability via WLCP.
  2. I will not maintain this software forever, it's too much work to play catch-up with any changes made to this website.  It may stop working at anytime.
  3. There are inherent limitations in running this software on your computer vs. having it integrated into the web site.  Specifically, it could be much easier to use.  Most of us do not want to have to deal with running programs at the command line, or modifiying css or xsl files.

There is now a feedback website for ChinesePod.  I have created two suggestions.  If WLCP is something that you use then I encourage you to vote for the following suggestions:

  1. User customizable documents.
  2. All expansion sentences downloadable.


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