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phonetic map : 朿 ci

Posted by goulnik January 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 朿

* Wham! Whoosh!
刺啦刺啦 cīlacila car honking, etc.
刺溜冰 cīliūbīng n. ice sliding (children's game)
(old form of 刺)
* to stab; prick; irritate; criticize
刺杀 cìshā to stab to death
讽刺 fěngcì to satirize; mock
刺闹 cìnào irritated
毒刺 dúcì venomous sting
plan; scheme; strategy; whip
策略 cèlüè tactics; strategy
鞭策 biāncè to encourage / horsewhip
长策 chángcè a long-term plan
政策 zhèngcè policy
thorns; thorny
枳棘 zhǐjí
棘楚 jíchǔ trouble; problem; thorn
zǎo jujube; Chinese date
红枣 hóngzǎo red date
金枣 jīnzǎo oval kumquat

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