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phonetic map : 夭 yao

Posted by goulnik January 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 夭

yāo goblin; demon; evil spirit; supernatural; seductive; bewitching
妖怪 yāoguài monster; goblin; demon; siren; spirit
妖精 yāojing evil spirit; demon; siren
妖术 yāoshù sorcery; witchcraft
妖媚 yāomèi seductive; bewitching; sexy
yāo to die young
早夭 zǎoyāo
夭折 yāozhé to die prematurely; come to a premature end
ǎo short Chinese-style jacket
短袄 duǎn'ǎo
衲袄 nà'ǎo robe; Buddist robe
ào mountain valley
深山野岙 shēnshānyě'ào in deep mountains and beyond
xiào to; smile; laugh; ridicule; laugh at
微笑 wēixiào to smile
开玩笑 kāi wánxiào to joke; make fun of
可笑 kěxiào ridiculous; funny
yuè leap; jump
跃进 yuèjìn to leap forward; make rapid progress
活跃 huóyuè brisk; active; dynamic
full (from eating); satiated; satisfied
酣饫 hānyù intoxicated and satiated
饫赐 yùcì to grant; accord
饫闻 yùwén to have heard enough
to irrigate; fertile
肥沃 féiwò fertile; rich
沃野 wòyě fertile land

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