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Suggestion: Why no Chinese male teachers on Chinese pod

Posted by eddiehclee January 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .


I'm newbie to Chinese pod and I have a question.
Why are there no Chinese male teachers for Chinese pod? it would be great to have a native Chinese male instructor for a change and a non native speaking female teacher as well to join the team. It would greatly improve Chinesepod appeal for the other audiences like myself who likes to get a more diverse experience.

Chinese males teachers seem to be unrepresented in social environments, education and general media, including Chinese pod. In the past I have read some comments by members that showed some misunderstanding about Chinese men and stereotyping them and I do think that is due to a lack of representation as such.

It would be very beneficial to Chinesepod and I would love to see this in the future.


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