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phonetic map : 袁 yuan

Posted by goulnik January 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 袁

yuǎn far; distant / to keep away from **
辽远 liáoyuǎn distant; far away
永远 yǒngyuǎn always; forever
长远 chángyuǎn long-term; long-range
Yuán (surname)
yuán garden; place for public recreation **
果园 guǒyuán orchard
公园 gōngyuán park; garden
乐园 lèyuán paradise; playground
校园 xiàoyuán campus; school yard
yuán ape
猿猴 yuánhóu apes and monkeys
长臂猿 chángbìyuán gibbon
yuán shafts of a cart/carriage / government office
辕子 yuánzi cart/carriage shafts
辕门 yuánmén residence/office of a high official; yamen

** the simplified form of 遠 is 远
** the simplified form of 園 is 园

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