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phonetic map : 斩 zhan

Posted by goulnik January 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 斩

zhǎn towering over; outstanding
崭然 zhǎnrán rising steeply; outstanding; completely changed
zhǎn to chop; cut; behead
斩断 zhǎnduàn to cut off; cleave (in two)
斩除 zhǎnchú to root out; eradicate
zàn temporarily; for a short time
短暂 duǎnzàn brief; short term
暂齿 zànchǐ milk teeth
zàn to engrave; chisel
錾字 zànzì to. engrave characters
石錾 shízàn stone chisel
cán ashamed
惭愧 cánkuì
自惭 zìcán to feel ashamed
* jiān to dip/soak in liquid
渐渍 jiānzì to soak
* jiàn gradually; by degrees
逐渐 zhújiàn
渐小 jiànxiǎo to diminish
qiàn trench; moat
垒堑 lěiqiàn ramparts and moat
濠堑 háoqiàn canal/ditch around city wall
qiàn blockprint edition
椠本 qiànběn book printed from wood blocks

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