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phonetic map : 丏 mian

Posted by goulnik January 7, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 丏

* Miǎn (river name)
沔水 Miǎnshuǐ section of the Han River in 陕西 (Shǎnxī)
miǎn (phonetic component) **
* miǎn sunk/mired in
* miǎn .
恩眄 ēnmiǎn kind patronage
顾眄 gùmiǎn to turn one's head and look around
miàn to look askance at
眄视 miànshì to give a sidelong glance
眄睐 miànlài to glance sideways; cast loving glances

** 丏 : see 丐 map
** 沔 is a variant of 湎, see 面 map

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