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phonetic map : 八 ba

Posted by goulnik January 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 八

* to cling to; climb; dig up; rake; pull down
扒住 bāzhù to hold on to; cling to
扒饭 bāfàn to eat rice with chopsticks
扒光 bāguāng to strip bare
扒人 bārén to speak ill of sb.
八成 bāchéng 80%; most probably/likely
八重 bāchóng eightfold
八度 bādù octave
* snap! / to draw on a pipe **
喇叭 lǎba brass wind instrument; trumpet; loudspeaker
叭叭 bābā (crack! crack!) snap
* ba modal particle) **
to lie prone; bend over (a table)
趴拉 pāla to scoop; shovel; eat; stuff
趴架 pājià to collapse (houses); topple down
* to gather/rake up; scratch; stew; braise
扒出 páchū to rake out
扒手 páshǒu pickpocket
扒鸡 pájī braised chicken

** 叭 is a variant of 吧

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