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Chinesepod in 2020

Posted by Joachim January 14, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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As some sort of discussion on Chinesepod in 20 years has been started off-topic in another thread, I'd like to start a new separate discussion here.

I quite like the idea of looking at scenarios for ideas about long-term developments.

For our purpose here, I have stumbled upon a Wired magazine article with four scenarios depicting different tangents of what kind of persons we (or rather: they) might be (http://www.wired.com/wired/scenarios/build.html):

1. I Will; 2. Consumerland; 3. Ecotopia; 4. New Civics

I do think that in most of these scenarios Chinesepod - or rather: online language learning - could have a role to play.

1. As part of the patchwork and social network idea.

2. A bit more problematic: People want everything delivered directly into their brain?? But China is a major goods manufacturer and will thus tell how things ought to be (culture).

3. Language learning as means to develop and leap-frog. Focus shift to Latin America, forget the US :-)

4. Focus on the cities, virtual is everywhere.

I am not giving away which of the scenarios I'd like best, but Chinesepod could develop a robust strategy to deal with them all. And at least in 1,3,4 we - the community of users - could play a vital part.

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