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phonetic map : 乏 fa

Posted by goulnik January 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 乏

to lack / tired; weary; exhausted
缺乏 quēfá to be short of; lack
穷乏 qióngfá destitute
劳乏 láofá fatigued; exhausted
fàn to float; flood / extensive; general; pan-
泛溢 fànyì to overflow; flood
广泛 guǎngfàn extensive; widespread
泛常 fàncháng superficial / frequently
zhǎ to blink; wink
眨巴眼 zhǎba yǎn to blink the eyes
biǎn to censure; deprecate; demote; reduce; devalue **
贬官 biǎnguān to demote an official
贬低 biǎndī to belittle; play down
贬值 biǎnzhí to devaluate; depreciate
biǎn to bury
告窆 gàobiǎn written announcement of a burial

** 乏 is possibly a co-signific of 贝 rather than a phonetic in 贬

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