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phonetic map : 凶 xiong

Posted by goulnik January 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 凶

xiōng rushing/gushing water
汹涌 xiōngyǒng turbulent
汹怒 xiōngnù violent (of natural occurrences)
汹惧 xiōngjù afraid; frightened
xiōng ferocious; murder(ous); terrible; fearful; inauspicious; famine
吉凶 jí-xiōng good or bad luck
行凶 xíngxiōng assault; murder
凶年 xiōngnián famine year
xiōng (variant of 凶)
xiōng fear (variant of 恟)
忷忷 xiōngxiōng tumultuous
xiōng . **
匈匈 xiōngxiōng clamorous
匈奴 Xiōngnú Huns
to drink to excess
酗酒 xùjiǔ to drink excessively
酗讼 xùsòng to engage in a drunken quarrel

** 匈 is itself a phonetic character, see separate map

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