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phonetic map : 匈 xiong

Posted by goulnik January 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 匈

xiōng fear (variant of 忷)
恟恟 xiōngxiōng tumultuous
xiōng . **
匈匈 xiōngxiōng clamorous
匈奴 Xiōngnú Huns
xiōng chest; bosom; thorax; mind; heart
心胸 xīnxiōng broad-minded; aspiration; ambition
胸骨 xiōnggǔ breastbone; sternum
胸怀 xiōnghuái mind; heart / to cherish

** 匈 has 凶 as phonetic component, see separate map
** the phonetic component of 胸 is actually 匈, not 凶

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