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New handwriting resource on line

Posted by mandarinboy January 23, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi, I have been of line from the site for some time due to extreme work  load but now when it more stable i took up my study again and found one absolutely lovely site for practicing handwriting. http://www.skritter.com/study It is still free since it is in beta but it is very fun to use the version they have now. Nice layout and wonderful code behind the application. You take a study list and get a writing pad. If you know the character you can start to write and if you need help you can have a preview of the character. If you get the stroke correct it will be replaced with a perfect stroke and you continue your writing. Once the character is ok you also have to write the correct tone. Really nice. They also use a leitner system so if you come back later you can be tested on the same character to see that you really remember it. For me this works a complement to other ways i study. I still like my white board best but this works nice when I am on line and need to relax and practice for a while.

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