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lesson on Chinese Zodiacs

Posted by dianaychou January 27, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

This my first time of joining this site and listening to the Chinese podcast.  I found the hosts are very good in pronounciation and explaining the vocabularies.

I am surprised and glad to learn (although I was born and raised in Taiwan) that tiger is a good sign for the Chinese. 

I was born in the year of tiger.  Persons who were born in the year of tiger were often a taboo in attending weddings, because Tiger will bring bad lucks to the new weds.  Tiger is a loneler, and often time tigeress is a single parent raising her cubs.  Perhaps these reasons contriubte the outcome.


p.s. Hope some of you also learn traditional Chinese characters, in which the definitions and roots of the characters were formed. In addition, it will help you to look up the dictonary, 大漢和辭典, compiled by Japanese Sinologists, was considered as the most comprehensive and scholarly dictionary in Chinese studies.


Tigeress in a bittercold winter


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