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Back after a bit of travel.

Posted by kelinsheng January 28, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm hoping that some other people will post to this group or ask questions.  Lately, I have also been ill and I can't get warm because there is no central heating in the building I'm staying at.  I'm now in Chengdu and learning how to dress like the locals.  Thankfully, the kind people I'm staying with gave me an electric heater to use.

I'm now starting to understand why Yang is very much emphasized by one of my teachers and why the south is so important in Chinese medicine.

When I was in Beijing overlooking Tian An Men square, I could see exactly how Yang and Yin could be measured and calculated according to the seasons and variations in the day. and why the earth is square and heaven is spherical.

It also makes me wonder where the Yellow Emperor lived.

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