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Posted by sebire February 1, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

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sad; grieved; broken-hearted; grieve; sadden

Example Sentence


T 他們仍在為決賽失敗而傷心

S 他们仍在为决赛失败而伤心

tāmen réng zài wéi juésài shībài ér shāngxīn

They're still hurt from their defeat in the final.


T 沒想到這個鐵漢也會傷心落淚。

S  没想到这个铁汉也会伤心落泪。。

méixiǎngdào zhège tiěhàn yě huì shāngxīn luòlèi.

I can't believe that such a strong man sheds tears.

Poor Roger Federer! ( 费德勒 fèidélè)

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