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Year 3 as a poddie

Posted by coljac February 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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I just renewed my CPod subscription for the 3rd year in a row. Even with the Aussie dollar in the tank, the Premium still seems a good investment. The quality of the material, presentation of the site, and engagement of the staff with the community continue to improve and are all first-rate.

I have precious little time these days to study, but Chinesepod is so much fun - and I feel like I know John and Jenny by now - it really helps keep my motivation up. It doesn't feel like work to listen to a lesson at all. I'll make a better effort to use the site to its fullest this year. It'd be nice to be more involved in the community here, too, like I once was.

It's clearly good business when people are so happy to pay. I've always been secretly jealous of Chinesepod - I've built a successful tech business but never managed to combine work and my love of language study, even when I was consulting in the e-learning space. It's something I'm still constantly brainstorming.

That leads to my bigger resolution - I want to come to Shanghai and spend a few months this year, in a hopefully not ill-conceived effort to boost my Chinese to the next level via full immersion. Is it worthwhile to do, even if I can't study full time?


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