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The ChinesePod Blog is Back

Posted by John February 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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The ChinesePod Blog is back: http://blog.chinesepod.com/

A lot happened in 2008. We made some progress, we made some mistakes, and we learned some lessons.

One lesson we learned is the importance of a blog for ChinesePod as a direct channel with its community of users. It's just not the same without one, and we miss it. We know some of you miss it too.

The blog is part of our effort at greater transparency. UserVoice was a great step, and the return of the blog is another.  I have added a few of my own Community user posts to the blog that would have gone on the blog had we had one at the time, and I've also been blogging a few things in the past week or so. I'll be writing a more detailed blog post on transparency that will be published this Friday.

See you on the blog!

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