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Beautiful Voices of Jen and Amber

Posted by pengwenhua February 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear Ken,

My subscription  to ChinesePod expires on 2/6/2009, so before I say zaijian I would just like to comment on your colleagues Jen and Amber. As a musician who plays 10 instruments, I like to think I have a grasp of musicality. Both Jen and Amber have fascinating and beautiful speaking voices.

Chinese people generally have musical voices due I believe to the tonal nature of Mandarin, but Jen's voice has an especially pleasant and attractive tenor and melody which amplify a wonderfully vibrant personality.

Amber's Canadian intonation mesmerizes me with its velocity, pitch changes and puncTilious pronunciation of the letter"T".

Well done, Ken.

Peng Wen Hua

(Vern Brown)

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