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Posted by Tal February 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I don't mean this as criticism of you guys there who work so hard (especially Jenny, Connie and John), but I reckon CPod urgently needs to find someone to (try to) step into Amber's shoes. The place just isn't the same without her! Her contributions really made this place warm and welcoming and vibrant, especially (I would guess) for the many whose Chinese ability is developing but are not perhaps ready to make the jump to poring over ancient poetry or glossaries of Chinese 'internet slang'.

对了, whatever happened to the video lessons? I seem to recall much mention was made of them not long back when the big change in pricing policy took place. It was like: 'well it's right for us to start charging for almost everything, 'cos we're gonna have this new cool video thing...' And now?

CPod is still a totally excellent project btw, invaluable for serious learners, but Amber's absence still hurts. There's gotta be a Shanghai 老外 worthy of her place on the team?

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