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Labeling Vocabulary ?

Posted by wesleywongphoto February 25, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I seem to have a lot of difficulty using the Vocabulary part of the website. Recently I had a number of problems which I am not sure whether this is due to my computer or a glitch in the website.

First I tried to "Edit Labels". When I clicked on to the "all vocabulary" I saw all of my vocabulary but none of the words had lesson numbers or lesson titles associated with them. When I went to click onto the "+" on the far right end of the page (same line as the words and characters....) I got a lesson that didn't match the original lesson. I realize that many of the vocabulary is used in different lessons but I would assume that if I am saving a vocabulary from a particular lessons I would want that particular lesson to show up (at least that's would I would like....)

Anyways I didn't want to have to figure out which words belonged to which lessons so I went up to the line above which begins with "Show:" (greyed out letters). I then clicked onto one of the numbered lessons besides the "all vocabulary" and clicked onto one of the numbered lessons. When I did this a pop window shows up saying "You currently have no words in the lesson" which doesn't make sense because they are in the "all vocabulary" section. ....?????

So I decided to change the labels instead because I wanted to associate the vocabulary with the names of the lesson not with the numbers. 

Anyways I then clicked onto Edit Label and changed the name to the name of the lesson and included the lesson number. Everything went well until I tried to use the vocabulary in the Flash Cards. Then when I tried to click onto the individual  lesson   a pop-up window showed up saying,"The page you are looking for does not exist." This happened with every lesson number I clicked onto.

Was I suppose to label the lessons exactly as it worded on the website "..........AIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

So I tried what one of your online tech support people suggested which was to totally start from fresh...........so that's what I did. I had to check every word and then delete them. Isn't there a simple way of just checking the lesson number or lesson title's in the vocabulary section and pushing delete. Seems like something very obvious to have........Anyways I deleted all of the words thinking I was going to start fresh. Then I just added one lesson to test it out. The new words showed up fine in the "all vocabulary" section but I still have all of the all  "old lessons" listed there as well and don't seem to be able to delete them. So now I am stuck with all of these labels that have no words because I deleted them previously..... 

I tried clicking onto the "edit label" then clicking onto the icon of the trash can which says remove. A pop-up window shows up asking me if I want to delete it, I click onto it but nothing happens. Are you as confused as I am yet ? 

All I really want to do is to organize very simply the words with each lesson when I am using the flash cards. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Yesterday I started using the flash cards for the first time and loved using them  witn my language partner. The problem we had was that there was no separation of the words pertaining to each lesson.    

Thanks, Wesley

p.s. I realize that the problems maybe unique to my computer so there may not be any real solutions to my problems .....



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