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Hearing Clearly

Posted by lotsofwordsandnospaces March 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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I get a massive dictionary workout every time I read one of Changye's insightful comments.

In today's lesson about cell phones a lot of stuff came up, and I thought I better record it here - just for my benefit really. I need to learn a few more characters

All these characters can follow 听不 (tīng bù):



Changye, insightful as always

见 - see


:suggesting phyically unable to hear/ inaudible


到 - arrive


:suggesting the sound did not travel


清 - clear


:suggesting either background noise or distortion are causeing the problem


I am starting to see how with a small bit of pretty basic vocab I can be more specific - and less repetitive...


 听到 - heard (the news)

tīng dào

This one is interesting - sort of suggesting the sound reached someone. Exactly as it is in English - but we never think of it in that way.


Clearly I think I am right in my understanding - if I am not - please set me straight! And if there is anything more you can add, I would be happy to hear it.





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