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TANK - 三国恋 (Sānguó liàn) [KTV]

Posted by light487 March 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: tank, taiwanese, music, 三国

I believe that TANK is from the Taiwense band Fahrenheit. He has a great falsetto voice in this song. Be interested to know really what he is singing about in this song because I can't seem to find a full translation for this one.

The first part of the song title 三国 refers to "The Three Kingdoms" a period following the break-up of the Han (220-280). 恋 means to feel attached to/long for/love/.. So I can get a general idea of what the song is about but other than that I am uncertain.

Great song with a great melody and singing. This is a good example of western pop music meeting eastern pop music. Let me know what you think.. I love it :)

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