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The holy grail flash card program or service? Please....

Posted by punter888 July 9, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Chinesepod does everything absolutely spot on, except for flash cards. I've tried the "before you know it" program which is great. I really love the way it automatically presents the cards that I'm having trouble with, and rates my mastery of each word. But what it doesn't have is a way to review only the Hanzi character. It shows the pinyin, and its impossible to focus just on the Hanzi and not cheat by looking at the pinyin. So its hard to use it to really bank mastery of Hanzi.

I've also tried the "learn chinese" program. This is really great because of the input system for drawing Hanzi characters. But the review function is really bad, and there is no scoring of cards reviewed, etc.

If Chinesepod could combine the best of these two services and come up with a vocab/Hanzi flash card system with hanzi writing input with mouse, and intelligent scoring of card mastery, and integrated this with my vocab from the daily lessons, then I think  this would hugely help my learning efficiency, and I would gladly pay extra for the priviledge of using such an outstanding system.

Barring that, can anybody recommend the absolute best flash card review system for both Hanzi and vocab?








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