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Posted by pengdongpei March 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

My name is peng dongpei, a chinese student in a city of China.

You don't know how exited I was when I found the site --ChinesePod , It's serched by Y!.com of US by the tags"chinese language english".

Because of a student ,I deeply desire to be a Proper English Speaker . So , I always go to the Y!.com ,Amazon.com ,Times.com which published in English.

This morning, When I watched news in Y!.com , a idea comes up to my mind ,  Why don't I serch a website about the language Chinese and English so that I can make lots of friends in US who want to learn Chinese , and Chinese people who live in US.

My friends ,  if you want to make a friend who live in China and use the mother tongue -- Chinese . Contact me

pengdongpei@126.com (MSN and the E-mail)

QQ:344972877(QQ is the most popular chat system in China)

My hobby is quite a lot such as all types of Hollywood movies or our country's excellent movies,Vedio or PC Games , Advertising Art, chat or surf online ,language study (English Japanese), Programme,etc.

So, thanks to our  缘分(don't know how to translate it , It's a Greaaaaaaaaaat Chinese word ) ,We will become the dear friend throughout the distance.

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