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New here! Few questions.

Posted by skedzinger March 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi all!

I'm Daniel, a German living in Guangzhou. I have a private Teacher - but often not have the time, so classes are very irregular (and also not often enough). So I'm looking for a solution which can be tailored to my needs - for studying short lessons when i'm "on the run".

Several things i'd like to know:

1. Are there Any writing classes? I mean it would be a great addition if they would offer excercising sheets for the charakters to download and print - just like the books you can buy.

2. What is the difference between what i can access here in the test account - and the premium suscription? What I see here is what I get when i subscribe for basic - dui bu dui?

3. I tried to extract some vocabulary to an excel list - which is a great feature, since ic can use it in iflipr (just the perfect flashcard program for iphone) then - without writing them myself. However - the list showed only faulty signs (chinese charakters are installed on my computer...). ANyone has the same problem?

Other then that i think the service coud be a good addition to my studies (but i'll keep my private teacher - as i think this can't be replaced).

The lessons are fun to listen too. But as i can also download them for free by itunes - i'd really like to see what i get on top for paying...


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