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Version 2009.03.22

Posted by jwlee March 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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After extensive testing and polishing, WeLoveChinesePod 2009.03.22 has been released! This release contains several bug fixes and new features (since 2009.02.09), such as toggle buttons in the study pages to easily:

  • switch between traditional and simplified Chinese characters
  • show or hide the original Chinese text
  • show or hide the English semantic translations
  • show or hide the pinyin sentence translations
  • switch between highly readable tooltips and character annotations (with literal translations accompanied by pinyin or bopomofo pronunciation symbols) to provide extra character information
  • make the study page suitable for printing

For more information, downloads and a complete list of changes, please see the recently updated webpage at wlcp.googlecode.com. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated! (Stories and other accounts of using this software are great, too.)

Thank you to Andrew, Brent and David for extremely helpful feedback as this release was prepared.

Usage note: WLCP is only designed to work using Firefox, although it may work with other browers as well. It does not work with Internet Explorer. To edit the wlcpod.ini file, any text editor on Linux or Mac OS should work; on Windows, Notepad does not work due to incorrect handling of linefeeds, so use an editor such as WordPad instead. (Thanks to RJ for reporting these issues, as well as providing other instructions below.)


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