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Help with Pleco 2.0 ?!

Posted by gesang March 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: pleco, PlecoDict

Hello to all of you who use Pleco(dict)! (Isn't it GREAT?!!;))

Even though I love this programme and use it almost every day... i was little late in noticing there is an update available for quite some time now...and now I am already in love with Pleco 2.0!! 

But :

I tried to find on PlecoInstructionManual on the homepage but couldn't find...

What are the two additional Icons "PlecoCvt" and "PlecoMover" for? I opened the files of course, but I can't really make out what I can do with them... 

Any other tips about the new Pleco? Maybe functions you discovered and think everybody should use? This programm is so complex I am sure I only use half of the functions and maybe miss some good ones... always easier to learn from users than from manuals ;-)!

Thanks for tips, hints, suggestions...


(If there are related posts in this community section...I could not find can I search for conversations by tags? )

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