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忠贞义杰,仁孝睿达 --忠(诚)-loyal(to the nation or monarch)

                    贞(洁)-chastity(to the husband or ethics)

                    义(气)-personal loyalty(to the friends or alliance)

                    杰(出)-illustrious conduct(to the society around)


                    仁(慈)-humane(to every organism)

                    孝(顺)-filial piety(to their parents)

                    睿(智)-wise and farsighted(but not sly)

                    豁达(明朗)-open-minded and  lucidity(to things)


大慈大悲者大福 -- the one with big mercy will be good fortune

既然选择了远方,就要风雨兼程 -- go across the wind and rain all along the road since you choosed the long path to faraway 


人在高处心自远 -- when one stand high,his aspiration is also far reaching


温柔乡,英雄冢 -- the temptation and glamour of the beauty,the sepulcher of the hero


宠辱不惊,看庭前花开花落;去留无意,望天空云卷云舒 -- not be moved by honour or disgrace,peacefully seeing bloom and blossom fall;care less about going or staying,calmly looking up the loud furl or unroll in the sky




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