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Differences in Chinese spoken in Taiwan

Posted by garfaldo April 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hey all, I know most of you probably know the major vocabulary and grammatical differences in Mandarin between China and Taiwan, so I wanted to just start a running post of the little things that come up and maybe one day put them all together in a big list.

Here's one that I just learned last week.  Oh, and by now means am I saying these are fact... just offering up for discussion.

搞 gao3 - From what I understand this word can be used in China to describe a field that you do.  Such as 搞銷售 gao3xiao1shou4, to do sales.  I was told that in Taiwan this word is almost never used in that context and you should be careful if using it because it actually sounds a bit rude.

BBQ - in China it's 燒烤, Taiwan is 烤肉 is more common.


That's all for now, hope to have more to share soon.


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