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Chinese Kung Fu

Posted by cultures April 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tai Chi Chuan Syllabus:


1) Practical training of basic palm techniques, striking techniques, elbow techniques and leg techniques.  

2) Training in various footwork and stances.

3) Lessons 1-12 combative techniques.

4) Training in internal style hand locks and grappling.  

5) Training in simple and effective counter techniques.

6) Tai Chi broadsword training.

7) Practicing forms and sets of Tai Chi Mujia style.


All of these skills are practical and simple to learn. Tai Chi is quite different from the more popular styles of free combat, boxing, kickboxing, and the like.  Tai Chi is a fusion of traditional Chinese Martial Arts and modern combative techniques; it’s practical and concise.  People of all ages, young and old, without any prior experience of Tai Chi are capable of rapid progression in this style.  Most are even able to apply the movements self-defensively after each class.

From one month to twelve months, it’s your choice to arrange the duration of study. 



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