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Squeezing In

Posted by Lantian July 12, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

PICKUP - Today a friend of mine was picking me up by car. Just before arriving he sent me a text message, 塞车, sai1 che1. From the context of the situation, I figured it meant something like "I'm coming now," "Almost there," etc. I could also guess at the sound from a similar character which means competition, , and looks almost the same.

Anyway, now I'm looking up the character and the dictionary says, sai1, verb, to fill in, squeeze in, or it's a noun meaning stopper, as in wine stopper.

So was this kind of a joke, as it "Jump in the car" "cram into the car"? or someother meaning. As a side note, there was also another person in the car I wasn't expecting, so was this kind of a hint/joke to me?

More typical Chinese in this similar context would be:




 塞, to sigh or sai, that is the question. Dictionaries are really useless! Help me Cpod!! :)


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