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Tone is color (HOWTO)

Posted by user17207 April 15, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: pleco, tone, color, colour, chinese

Many Pleco users have been wondering if there are any methods to colorize the text according the tone of the characters. I think this is one of the best features of Pleco.
I've found a script on the net, which is able to colorize any hanzi on any webpage

0. Install Firefox
1. Install Chinese Perapera-kun
3. Install Greasemonkey
4. Locate cperakun.jar and uncompress it, it's a normal archive
5. Locate adso.dat and simple.idx
6. Create a folder and copy adso.dat and simple.idx
7. Save the file 43877.user.js form by right-clicking Install button
8. Move the file 43877.user.js to the folder containing adso.dat and simple.idx
9. Edit the 43877.user.js: var color= new Array('black','red','green','blue','purple','grey'); or any color pattern you like
10. Open Firefox, File-Open file and locate the 43877.user.js
11. Install 43877.user.js

That's it
Good luck!
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